Remembering Peter Cropper

A concert at Firth Hall this coming Sunday, the 24th of April, paying tribute to Peter Cropper who died last year is, in effect, the launch pad in establishing an annual Lecture-Recital* named after him.

While he will be forever associated with the Lindsay String Quartet and the mastermind behind making Music in the Round arguably the leading promoter of chamber music in the UK after the Wigmore Hall, Peter was also a passionate educationalist.

Sheffield Music Academy was his brainchild, for instance, and he was a long-time supporter and contributor to University of Sheffield music making, latterly as Director of Performance. Indeed, the Lindsay Quartet’s first Sheffield concerts, many years ago, were at the university.

To quote from its announcement of the intention to create a Peter Cropper Lecture-Recital, which says it all, really: “Through his outstanding musicianship, generosity, and enthusiasm, he truly cultivated ambition and inspired so many young performers to fulfil their potential.

We would like to mark his contribution to music making, learning and performance at the University of Sheffield by establishing an annual lecture-recital series in his name.

Each year, we will invite a prominent performer or ensemble to come and perform at the University, to inspire our students and the wider public just as Peter did.

We will ask our guest performers not only to play, but to talk about their musical enthusiasms and provide the insight on the professional musical world for which Peter’s informal style of presentation was legendary.”

It certainly was – inimitable, and as unique as the man himself!

*A Peter Cropper Lecture-Recital Fund has been set up to enable the events to take place. If anyone would like to make a contribution please visit the university’s Just Giving Page

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